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PO Box 1654, Baton Rouge, LA 70821
No recent public repos. Changing that soon.

What I'm Doing Now (as of 2019-03-24)

  • Working on a big side project (details forthcoming).
  • Improving knowledge of Go web backends, data structures, algorithms, native mobile development.
  • Enjoying cycling season before Louisiana hits 100°F.


Used C to develop parallelized numerical simulation software for HPC clusters using MPI. Notable project: designed and implemented an algorithm for multi-layer nanophotonic structure optimization and design: Poster (PDF)
Worked full-time some summers doing full-stack webdev (JSP backend). Major contributions included developing interactive frontend components and database refactoring (converted table with 100M+ records to EAV for a 98% size reduction, no downtime needed).
Also freelanced webdev, web design, and internet marketing services for local small businesses.
Taught myself to code using BlitzBasic. Quickly progressed to webdev (HTML/CSS/JS, PHP backends, SQL databases). Then learned Java to do desktop applications. Dabbled in Python. Built a compute cluster in my closet.
Academic Accolades
Barry Goldwater Scholar (2018), Stamps Scholar (2016)